Vision, Mission and Values

Vision: To become the world’s leading hub for Publishing, Printing and related activities with cost-effective incentives for both local and international publishers.

Mission: We are committed towards offering our investors with exceptional services by understanding their needs and delivering them with superior quality products and services.

Values: Sharjah Publishing City is a value-driven organization that believes in:

  1. Team Integrity
  2. Excellence and Commitment
  3. Customer Happiness
  4. Initiative and Innovation
  5. Transparency and Credibility
  6. Deliverance of best cost-effective services.


Sharjah Publishing City’s objective is to create a seamless and lucrative platform for the global publishing and printing industry, with an array of many other benefits. The Free Zone envisages the introduction of excellent infrastructure for offices and storages, along with state-of-the-art equipment, logistics, connectivity and one-stop hub for the industry needs.

Our core objectives are as follows:

  1. To be a highly operational publishing and printing Free Zone with a center for quality.
  2. To offer an environment of excellent and affordable publishing and printing services under one roof.
  3. To be a one-stop platform for company registration, licensing and government services.
  4. To offer top-notch commercial offices, storages and retail facilities for lease.
  5. To be a dedicated printing hub, paper hub, logistics hub, distribution hub and a creative hub.
  6. To create a dedicated marketplace in the UAE.
  7. To broaden the local market horizon.
  8. To be a unified entity in providing integrated solutions and in creating industrious values for our clients, employees, shareholders, and communities.
  9. To help our clients meet their business needs through a multitude of high-quality services and state-of-the-art products that come together seamlessly to effectively increase your sales, save your money, and minimize your operating risks.
  10. To give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information, instantly without any barriers.
  11. To enhance customer experience and provide the best business solutions to our customers.
  12. To create industry specific market infrastructure for its core segments, innovate new products and services.
  13. To provide a supportive business environment through purpose-built infrastructure.
  14. To promote regional industry growth.
  15. To enhance local industry through implementation of international standards.